Tanning Treatment Terms & Conditions

All quotations are subject to the following endorsements.

 (A) You will not permit any person under the age of 18 to use any Sunbed.

(B) Your customer has read and signed acceptance of Your form of disclaimer regarding liability arising from their use of the Sunbed(s) and that they are advised before treatment begins of the possible health risk of ultra violet rays.

(C) All sunbeds are maintained and serviced in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations throughout the course of this Policy, and records of such maintenance and service visits retained by You.

(D) Customers are given detailed instructions on the safe use of equipment and that suitable goggles are worn at all times by all persons using the sunbed(s).

(E) The use of the equipment is adequately supervised by a competent employee of Yours.

(F) No individual shall be allowed to use a Sunbed for longer than 20 minutes during any single tanning session.

(G) Prior to the use of sunbed your customer will be made aware of the frequency/usage guidelines by The Sunbed Association.

(H) The tanning surfaces of Sunbeds are cleaned between each use by You.

If You do not comply with these conditions We will not pay Your claim.

 Additional Exclusions

We will not indemnify You in respect of any claim arising under this extension in respect of the treatment of any person who

(A) Knows he or she suffers from skin allergies, high or low blood pressure or circulation disorders

(B) Knows she is pregnant

(C) Is taking prescribed medicine unless they produce before treatment begins a medical certificate stating they may undergo treatment.

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